From Ben – 14 July 2019

I attended a meeting this past week and came away feeling a little discouraged. As I reflected on the meeting, I noted that we hardly took time to encourage and fellowship with each other. It is so important that when we gather that we take time to encourage each other, listening to each other’s story and asking leading questions to show an interest in each other.

The N.T. word “encourage” appears 105 times in the N.T. It comes from the Greek word ‘parakaleo, which can be broken up into 2 separate words – para –beside or parallel and kaleo – to call or shout out. Putting it together it means to come beside each other to support and call out to each other. The English world means to give each other courage.

As Christians we should go out of our way to be encouragers. It is interesting to note that the call of Hebrews 10:25 tells us, not only that attending church is important and as much as it is possible we should not miss doing so, but it goes on to say that when you attend church you should look out for every opportunity to encourage others.

Let us take this to heart and change our mindset when it comes to attending church. We do not come to get something, but rather to give to God and others. Ask God to lay on your heart somebody that you can encourage this Sunday, somebody that needs a listening ear and a kind word. Start this Sunday being a Christian who encourages.

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