From Ben – 17 November

An important decision has been made in Parliament this week. David Seymour’s bill on euthanasia has passed its 3rd reading and has been successfully passed in parliament by a small majority. Thankfully, this bill will not be passed into law in N.Z. yet because New Zealand First has stipulated that it must be put to a national referendum on, or before the next election.

We, as New Zealanders, are faced with a huge responsibility to seriously consider this bill and its far-reaching consequences. As Christians our consciences are governed, not be popular opinion, or what may seem expedient and popular, but we are governed by Scripture and its timeless principles.

We know that, it is clear from scripture that all human life is made in the image of God and therefore needs to be honoured, respected and preserved. We do not have the right to determine how long a person should live or when a person’s life is no longer to be preserved, because it has deteriorated beyond a reasonable point, or death is inevitable in the near future. It is God who gives life and it is He alone who has the divine authority to terminate life, no matter how frail it may be.

To open the door to euthanasia, even on a very restricted ground, is to start a process that will only become increasingly liberal and open to all sorts of interpretation and abuse, which is dangerous.

As Christians we need to think biblically and vote when the time comes in such a way as to honour God and preserve life.

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