From Ben – 2 June 2019

This week people have been talking about a picture of Mount Everest which was published in the newspaper and on electronic media. It is in many ways a troubling scene. It shows 200-300 climbers precariously balancing on a very narrow icy path on the roof of the world. All these climbers have reached the last part of the climb to the pinnacle of Mt Everest, but because of the crush, they all have to stand and wait for the climber in front of them to reach the pinnacle and then move on, so others can have their moment of glory on the highest mountain in the world.

Sadly, those who wait stand in the “death zone” 8000 feet above sea level. There is not enough oxygen at that height and without sufficient reserves, some have died waiting. In the past 10 days, 11 people have died climbing or waiting on the mountain.

There seems to be inadequate restrictions from the Nepalese government, who charge $11 000 per climber. A kiwi climber actually reported that he had to step over the body of a dead climber to reach the top. How sad it is that people behave in this way. As I reflected on this tragic set of circumstances, it reflects how some people behave in life. They will do anything to reach the top of their career, even if it means standing on others.

We, as Christians, work on a different set of values. We value others and their well-being. Let us all examine our own hearts to see how we are treating those around us. Let us be like the Good Samaritan who, despite the indifference of others, who passed by the needy man, stopped to care for him. Let us stop to meet the needs of others. Let us ask that worthy question, “What would Jesus do?”

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