From Ben – 21 April 2019

This is a wonderful morning for us as the Christian community to celebrate.   This is the Sunday that we raise our voices and hands in praise to God for the joy of knowing that Jesus did not only die on the cross of Calvary to pay the full penalty for all our sin, but as He predicted and promised, He rose from the dead on the 3rd day. In this fact is laid up for us our certain future of one day being raised to be with Him too.

As I have been reading Mark’s short account of the resurrection, I was fascinated by the account of the three women who went early to the tomb that first Easter Sunday morning. No doubt, they were sad, broken hearted and full of sorrow, as they took along their spices to finish off the sad process of wrapping the dead body of Jesus. As they made their way to the tomb of Jesus, they realised that they were on an impossible mission because there was a huge 2-ton rock with multiple Roman seals on it and 16 heavily armed guards sent to protect the tomb and see that no one interfered with it.

How it must have amazed them on reaching the tomb to find it open, the stone moved away, the seals broken, the guards all gone and an angel to welcome them!

How much more astonishing was the angel’s message. “He is not here, he has risen.” Their sorrow was turned to rejoicing, their embalming spices were unnecessary, and their tears were no longer tears of sadness but joy. Today we join with them in their celebration and happily do what they were told to do by the angel – Go tell others the good news!

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