From Ben – 26 May 2019

I read recently in a British newspaper of a very wealthy man who lived in a spectacular old country manor. He was very pompous and lived the life of an aristocrat. Sadly, he only had one son who he disowned, and who lived with very little income and hardly had contact with his stingy father. On the death of the father, this son, who had struggled for identity and to make ends meet, now moved into the fancy English manor house and has been granted a very substantial monthly allowance.

As I reflected on this sad story, I thought how unlike our Heavenly Father that stingy father is. Our Heavenly Father delights to call us His sons and daughters and He does not withhold blessings and support from us. What is more, we are promised a place in our Father’s house with Him one day. Our Heavenly Father does not withhold blessings from us but invites us to make full use of His power, grace and boundless supplies. What is more, when we step off the narrow way of doing the right thing, He is always ready to receive us back and restore us to a close relationship with Him once again.

Ps 103:13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him

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