From Ben – 29 September

This week sees the start of Rugby World Cup 2019. As you may be aware the All Blacks are trying for a 3rd consecutive world cup win, which has never been accomplished by any other team in history. The prospect of winning for a 3rd time is by no means certain, as a number of other nations like England, South Africa, Wales, and Australia are all in the running. For our All Blacks to win it would not be because of one or two outstanding players, but the result of discipline, consistency, playing by the rules and most of all, teamwork.

As I considered these important principles that need to line up for a 3rd consecutive win, I am aware that it is the same in the church of our Lord.

We too in the N.T. are called on to discipline ourselves like athletes, not giving in to weakness, or the ways of the world. We must also discipline ourselves to be godly and prayerful.
The second principle for the church is to be consistent, to walk day by day in faith, trust and obedience. The Christian life is all about being consistent daily in our commitment to Christ.

We too, like our rugby squad, need to run the Christian race according to the rules. We have God’s word that sets our high standards, that in so many ways are contrary to those of 21st C society.

Lastly, we too, as the church of Jesus Christ, are called on to be team players, to help, encourage and instruct each other, working together to promote the way, will and work of God.
In eternity it will mean very little if the All Blacks win or lose, but it means everything to God for His church to win.

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