From Ben – 5 May 2019

The Bible study group I lead on a Wednesday night has been working through an insightful and challenging series, called “Freedom in Christ” There are 10 sessions and this past Wednesday we completed number 9, which dealt with the important topic of unity in the Christian church and the need for us, as the children of God, to do all in our ability to promote and foster unity in the church. It was interesting to note that Jesus prayed in John 17 for the future church (us) to be one, even as the Father and Son are one.

The apostle Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in Ephesians 4, calls us to make every effort to keep the unity of the faith through the bond of peace.
A united church will be blessed and used by God. The purpose of this deep unity is not only that we will enjoy peace and harmony, but more importantly that outsiders may see God at work and be led to seek after God and be saved.

The devil, in Scripture, is often referred to as the one who divides, disrupts, and destroys. It is Satan’s desire to divide the church and have us suspicious of each other and at war with each other. He is the disrupter and destroyer of all the work of God. When a person criticises, condemns and disrupts the unity of the church, they do the devil’s work. However, those who promote unity, service, harmony and reconciliation, do the work of God.
The Christian church must be a model of the harmony and unity of heaven. Will you commit to honouring the Lord in our church by doing all you can to promote unity and serve one another in love and harmony, making this church a beautiful reflection of gospel harmony?

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