From Ben – 8 December 2019

As I write this last devotion for the year there are 17 days to Christmas. Our church is in full swing with the Christmas celebrations, having enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and planning to sing carols at the Auckland City Hospital on Monday night.

Let us fully embrace this special time of the year and use every possible opportunity at home, among friends, even at your office party, to speak about Jesu sand what He means to you.

As we gear up to spend time with family and friends or pack for a summer holiday, let us be prayerful and mindful that there will be a large number of the Samoan community grieving the tragic loss of loved ones, especially young children. I can’t conceive how hard it is going to be to try to celebrate Christmas in a home where a cradle that was occupied by a lovely baby is now empty or a highchair beside the table is now unoccupied. There is little we can do in a material way for those families facing Christmas with loss but let us pray for them and petition the God of grace to halt the spread of the measles epidemic.

It is particularly poignant that we should be reflecting on the death of children at the time of Jesus’ birth.

Let us remember He too was born to die for the disease of sin, to be our antidote and pay the cost to give us life

Matt 1:21 His name will be called Jesus because He will save His people from their sins.

On behalf of Sue and the leadership we would like to wish you and your family a Christ-centred Christmas.

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