From Ben – 9 June 2019

Today in church we start, what I hope will be an interesting and informative series of sermons on the Apostles’ Creed. The reason for me embarking on this teaching journey through the creed, is in a response to what has been evident in our media recently. Ever since the Christchurch attack, and more recently the Israel Folau saga, the media has had an on-going debate on the church and how Christians should conduct themselves in the public domain.

Some ill-informed journalists have gone so far as to suggest what true and false Christianity looks like and how it behaves. With all these contradictory views being discussed and commented on, there has been confusion and a clouding of the true Christian message and ethics.

With this backdrop I have decided to expound the creed that has been a summary of the main tenants of the Christian faith for over 1600 years. Although it is trinitarian in nature, dealing with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is essentially a Christian statement. The main body of the creed is taken up with Jesus, His person, work and salvation.

I do hope and pray that this series will bring clarity and be a beacon of light and truth in a rather confused time. May I encourage you to try to commit the Apostles’ Creed to memory as it will stand you in good stead, reminding you what is essential to Christian belief.

Knowing what you believe will preserve you from well-intentioned, but spurious teaching.

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