From Ben – 19 July 2022

You may have seen some of those incredible pictures on the evening TV news or on your device taken from the James Webb space telescope. It is a very large telescope by today’s standard, covering the same footprint as a tennis court and costing a whopping US $10 billion. It set off to deep space on July 12, and has been sending stunning photos of unseen clusters of galaxies that are millions of light years away. It is estimated that 95% of the universe remains still undiscovered. Some of the words being used about these discoveries include, “spectacular, stunning, amazing”.

As I reflect on this as a Christian, I want to give these scientists a big high-five and say “Well done”, “Way to go” because they are helping us see what God’s word has been saying all along. 

Note Psalm 19:1-4 
The entire universe is there to stimulate us to praise God for His greatness and majesty. His vastness and extensive love is seen in what He has created. The purpose of creation is to lead us to praise. 

Modern science may not recognise God in His creation. They blindly thrash about looking for answers to the origin of the universe. We know that they are all His work and He holds all things together. Let us be people of praise to the God of creation, because He is the God of grace and salvation as well. As scientists discover more in space it gives us more reason to stand in awe and wonder of Him and His work. Praise and worship is our response to every modern day discovery.

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