From Ben – 19 June 2022

I have started to study the book of Job in my private devotions. As you know, Job is a long Old Testament book that covers the suffering of Job after losing all that was precious to him, his family and even his health. The book covers Job’s response to his setbacks and his tenacious faith in God. As I have just started this journey I have not got the answers to the big question, “Why bad things happen to good people?”  But what I have noticed is that Job is supremely aware of God’s presence. Job is aware that he does not suffer as one who is abandoned or deserted by God. 

I find it wonderfully comforting to know this truth in my own life. God does not spare me from trials, setbacks, loss, disappointment, criticism and pain, but He is with me in all of these challenges.

When the servant of Sarah was expelled from her job and home and found herself with a vulnerable child, abandoned in the desert, she testified to God’s presence by calling God “El Roi” – the God who sees me.

God is ever the God who sees and the God who is there. Remember His timeless promise in Ps 23 Even when we walk through the deep dark valley, He will be with us. 

Be comforted as we journey along the bumpy road of life, that as the redeemed of the Lord, we are not forsaken or abandoned. He sees us and He never forsakes us.

Heb 13:5 …God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

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