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From Ben

In our bible study home group we are going through the letter of Philippians with Nicky Gumble. This week we touched on the importance of being grateful in every situation. As Christians we too, in the 21st century have every reason for gratitude, especially we, who live in NZ. Not only are we blessed with a beautiful country and freedom to worship God openly. We also seem to have avoided catastrophe with Covid-19.

I know it is like comparing David and Goliath to compare us to the USA, when you consider how badly they have been affected by the virus. They have 33 million out of work and 90 000 have already died from the pandemic. Let us be grateful for our leadership and our country.

Rev Nicky Gumble points out that gratitude is not something to be expressed because of blessings but in spite of difficulties. When Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote this section, he was in prison, having been falsely accused by jealous ungodly men. Paul did not criticise or complain, but looked beyond their petty accusations to all he has in Christ and the gospel, all that awaits him in glory and Christ’s love for him. It is this that made him content. In a way  Paul was able to keep life in perspective and see beyond his current situation to the over arching plan and purpose of God.

I encourage you to do the same. however you may have been affected by this current crisis, will you do as Paul did and say, “Lord, thank you for this as you always know best and will not abandon us nor forsake us in this therefore we too will give thanks, not because of this present crisis, but in spite of it.” 

Rom 8:28 All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

Dr Csilla Saysell, who formely lectured in Old Testament at Carey Baptist College, now writes Bible reading notes on Please visit for devotional reading.
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