From Ben – 1 October 2017

I was made aware once again this week that we, as Christians, living in a post-modern, post-Christian time in the history of New Zealand, are involved in a spiritual warfare against the subtle attacks and opposition of the Evil One.

This was highlighted for me by the ongoing and vicious attacks of certain anti-Christian parents, against the Bible in Schools program. For their own reasons they seem set on having all forms of Christianity removed from schools. Recently there have been appeals all the way to the Supreme Court to eradicate Bible in School from all schools across the country.

On Wednesday on Prime News there was a false and slanderous article leveled against Bible in Schools. Amongst the inaccuracies, it reported that Bible in School was a dangerous and damaging program brainwashing vulnerable young children into believing Christian doctrine. It went on to accuse Bible in Schools teachers of encouraging young children to give up their pocket money to the church. It is this kind of biased, false reporting which throws a shadow of suspicion over a good, wholesome and valuable school program.

I shudder to think, what values, if any, our children will have to guide them, if they are not given Biblical teaching, but are left to imbibe the philosophy of our secular post Christian culture.

Please pray that Bible in Schools will continue to uphold Christian values in our schools

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