From Ben – 10 September 2017

As the election hots up and we edge closer to Election Day, we see the various representatives and leaders working long hours to secure their places and have the best showing in this coming election. In a way, I must admit that I can’t wait for it all to be over, as the media has now been awash with debates and policies and promises, and frankly I am quite tired of it all.

However, the leaders who are driving this whole event must be tired as well. It is our responsibility to pray for them, that they be people of honesty and integrity. The New Testament makes it clear that we need to pray for governors, kings and all in authority, that we may live quiet and peaceful lives.

Let’s not give up praying for these men and women who will be our policy makers for the next 3 years. Let us thank God that we live in a country that can hold an election without riots, demonstrations, burnings and violence as so many countries endure.

Let us thank God that we live in a democratic country that honours the parliamentary system and the results of a fair voting process. Thank God that we are not threatened, intimidated and forced to vote against our consciences.

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