From Ben – 7 April 2019

As Christians we need to be guarded and careful in dealing with colleagues, family and friends. The door is still open for us to continue to show love, grace and compassion. Our gospel is the gospel of love and compassion and it is this message that our broken community most need.

Let us do all we can to foster love, understanding and grace. The Bible says, “blessed are the peace makers”. Let us be peace makers in Christ’s name, demonstrating and showing the peace of God that passes all understanding. This peace is available to all men and women of every race, who turn by faith to Christ alone.

As the drama and pain from the Christchurch shooting begins to settle and we get back to our normal way of life again, there still seems to be some polarising views and opinions being expressed. You may have seen in the papers that some people planning ANZAC Day services wanted to include an Imam and Muslim prayers. This has resulted in a backlash and threats of violence, not only in N.Z. but from Australia as well. I do not want to enter this debate or say what should or should not be included on ANZAC Day, but it does show that there is still a lot of emotion just under the surface.

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