From Ben – 7 October 2018

This week in our study of Mark’s gospel, I have been forced to consider a very difficult passage that deals with marriage and divorce. Normally I would not go near a passage like this if I had a choice, but as it is the next passage in our study I feel compelled to look into it.  

I started off with uncertainty, but I am so glad I have been forced to study it this week. I found it so refreshing to see what God’s word says about marriage. I need not remind you that we live in a day and age that has totally lost the plot when it comes to this important God-given institution. Sadly, marriage has been redefined and robbed of its true meaning and beauty.  

In today’s confused society it was so refreshing to read and reflect on Mark 10:1-9. This passage states God ordained marriage between a man and a woman.
It is a lifelong relationship of love and mutual care.
It is a relationship in which children are to be brought up in the fear and love of God. It is a relationship that brings into being a new covenant companionship that separates a couple from their former home to set up their own new home.
I found it so refreshing to read again that God has established a clear standard and that life works best when we follow the creator’s instructions.  

“There is no relationship that Satan is more opposed to and God is more committed to than marriage.”

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