From Ben – 2 December 2018

On an island off the coast of India, a tribe of indigenous people have managed to seal themselves off from the modern world for 100s of years. Earlier this month a young American missionary, 26 year old Chau, went ashore to share the gospel and love of Jesus with them. It was reported from a fisherman who passed the island the next day that he saw the islanders dragging the dead body of Chau up the beach. It would appear that young Chau was martyred for his faith as soon as he landed.

This heroic incident has captivated the world’s attention. There are 2 schools of thought: some are saying he had no right to go and disturb these people, nor did he have the permission of the Indian government to evangelise these lost people. Others say he is a hero who was willing to pay the highest price for his deep Christian convictions.

The question I want to ask is not, was it right or wrong for him to go, but rather, would I go? Am I concerned for people who have never heard of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus? It may just be that God will use this 21st century martyr to stir up complacent Christians to take the call of Jesus to carry His gospel message to others more seriously.

I believe we have a special opportunity at Christmas to be missionary spokesmen, to witness to the love and grace of God. Thankfully to do so in N.Z. will not cost us our lives.

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