From Ben – 26 July 2020

Some people in GPC are on a 20/20 Bible reading programme where we have been set the challenge to read the entire bible through this year. At present, in the Old Testament readings, we are in 2 Kings. We are covering the adventures of God’s prophet Elisha. In Chapter 6 we read the account of the king of Aram’s frustration, because every time he tried to set a trail to ambush the king of Israel, Elisha warned the king of Israel in advance. The king of Aram thinks there is a traitor in his ranks who is leaking his war strategy. When he confronts his generals, they inform him that there is no traitor, but the information is coming from Elisha, the prophet of God who hears from God and warns the king of Israel in advance. In fact, note these words the generals use, “the prophet tells the king of Israel the very words you speak in your bedroom, O king”

I can understand why he would be so frustrated. As I reflected on this interesting chapter, I was reminded again that nothing in my life or conduct is hidden from the all-seeing eye of the Holy God, even the words I speak in private are heard by Him. This truth should cause us to be circumspect and careful. It is also an encouraging and comforting truth because it reminds us that God is with us, at all times. He knows and hears and sees.

In the N.T. we are reminded that a bird does not hop on the ground without His knowledge and what is more, He knows the number of the hairs on our heads.  All of life is lived in full view of God, so live wisely and confidently. It has well been said, what we are in private is what we really are.

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