From Ben – 24 September 2017

It was in 1994 that the first democratic election was held in South Africa. For the first time people of all races had the democratic right to cast their vote. It was my privilege to be the chief officer of the polling station held at my church in Johannesburg. People queued up from before dawn and stood in a line that snaked down the road for more than a city block. It was an historic day that brought long awaited change to a divided country as the world watched on.

Our recent election was far less dramatic, with little real tension. There was no need to have the army in attendance or armed police with riot gear patrolling the streets, as was the case during that first election in S.A. The world hardly took note of our election day.

Ours may have been quieter, smaller and less dramatic, but let us be grateful we live in a country where there is a true democracy and no rioting, burning or intimidation during an election. Let us thank God for our quiet, peaceful and ordered country. It may not yet be clear who will govern and what that government will look like, but it is our duty to pray and support whoever leads.
We as Christians, are repeatedly called on in Scripture to support and fit in with the governing authorities, that we may lead quiet productive lives doing all we can to spread the good news of a better kingdom and a greater leader, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

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