From Ben – 29 April 2018

We have just had another ANZAC day remembered in N.Z. As time goes by it would seem that these days of remembrance grow in popularity and interest. One look at the crowds at the various meetings show that people of all ages and all backgrounds flock to remember the brave men and women who fought and gave so much to give us the freedom we enjoy.

As I reflected on their gift and sacrifice, I could not help but see the parallels between their sacrifice and the sacrifice of our Lord. They left their home, went to a foreign country, faced untold suffering, gave their time, some even gave their lives and were buried in foreign soil.

Our Lord also left His home in heaven for the stony pathways of Palestine. He also came to a foreign country exchanging heaven for earth. He also suffered untold humiliation and pain. He also gave His life freely for us. He was also laid in foreign soil in a borrowed grave in Palestine.

The difference is He was not just some farmer’s son, but the very Son of God. What is more, His mission did not fail, like that of the ANZACs but He rose victoriously on the 3rd day and fully saves all who trust in Him.

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