From Ben – 21 July 2019

This month has been set aside in N.Z. as Bible month, and this particular Sunday we celebrate as Bible Sunday. This gives us the opportunity to thank God for His precious word, made so freely available to us in the free world. As I regularly pray for the persecuted church, I read of so many countries in the world where the bible is forbidden. If you are caught with a bible in your possession, you will face years in prison and in some countries today you will face the death penalty.

It is a sad reality that despite the fact that the bible is so widely available in many western countries, reading it is at a low. As I have followed some of the recent chatter in the news and social media about current events that have had to do with Christianity, it has been clear to me that a lot of people who purport to be Christian have a very slender understanding of scripture. It is high time for us to return to reading, studying, and meditating on God’s holy word.

There is none of us who know enough. We all need to recommit to plundering its great truths and deep teaching so as to walk more closely with God. In Ps 19 the psalmist says God’s word is more precious than gold, than much fine gold, and sweeter than honey, straight from the comb.

My friends, may I encourage you to approach your bible with a new vigour and diligence being like the Bereans of Acts 17 who studied the scriptures daily.

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