From Ben – 23 August 2015

When our church leadership meet as elders once a month we start off by having a shared devotion. At present we are working our way through J.I. Packer’s book, “Knowing God’. This month the chapter covered the important subject of the Holy Spirit, and his work in our lives and the church.

It was a fascinating chapter that reminded us of the essential work of the Holy Spirit in drawing us to God in salvation, and then teaching, guiding, prompting, and leading us through the turns and twists of the Christian adventure.

It was noted in our discussion that we do not say much about the Holy Spirit in our church at G.P.C. Should we make more of him and concentrate on his worship and power? Should we explore more of his gifts and the ways he works? After all, he is the 3rd member of the trinity.

I believe it is important to acknowledge his vital work and to call on him for power and guidance. But the emphasis of Scripture is not to single out the Holy Spirit for worship, but to focus on Christ. Furthermore the Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture so when we pay close attention to the written word, and learn to love and obey it, we are actually indirectly paying attention to the wok of the Holy Spirt. The balance of Scripture is to focus on Jesus as God’s ultimate solution for our salvation and holiness; this gladdens the Holy Spirit and the Holy Father.


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