From Ben – 25 August 2019

One of the important new principles that came out of our recent all-day leaders’ retreat was a change of focus in our church, from being “a welcoming church” to being “an inviting church”.

The difference being, that a welcoming church helps newcomers feel welcomed and affirmed but does not go further; where an inviting church invites people into friendship and into their homes.

We envisage stepping up the inviting aspect in G.P.C. How this will work is that once a month, on a given Sunday, we will encourage the congregation of G.P.C. to invite people home for shared lunch or afternoon tea, coffee. This will not be organised and structured by the church, but rather a spontaneous move by each member who is able to invite somebody to their home to a light meal and some Christian fellowship.

In the past we have set up lunches in home, which has been carefully organised by our pastoral committee. This new initiative is designed to encourage you to take the initiative to invite someone of your choosing to visit with you.

We pray that you will join with us in this new endeavour to be an inviting, hospitable, generous, caring church that is contagious in Christian love and grace. It only takes a few of us to get the momentum going. Are you willing to step out with us and show open hospitality to others?

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