From Ben – 29 March 2015

In the 10 years I have lived in N.Z. I can’t remember a time, (apart from the 2011 rugby world cup) when our country was in a more positive spirit of optimism. The cricket world cup semi- final against S.A. has brought a spirit of joyful enthusiasm and anticipation to the country that I have never before seen. (BTW. I did and always will support the Black Caps!)

As I have been reflecting on the euphoria created by that cliff-hanger of a match, I asked myself if there is the same excitement over Easter and the glorious news of sins forgiven and the risen Christ and the hope of heaven.

In a few years the winning or losing of the 2015 World Cup will only be a distant memory in the forgotten history of world events. The Easter victory will always be headline news.

God has good news through faith in Jesus Christ. He went to the cross, paid a debt he did not owe, went to the grave and rose again, victorious on the 3rd day, just like he said he would. That is really lasting good news. That is news worth getting excited about and sharing with others. That news will never be old news for historical archives.

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