From Ben – 8 March

I have recently been challenged once again about my prayer life. None of us pray as much as we could or should. Prayer is an aspect of our Christian lives which remains a constant struggle, but something we must persist with. Jesus clearly said we must pray and not give up.

The area of prayer I have recently been reflecting on is the need to pray for leaders in government and parliament. This is the clear teaching of the word of God. 1 Peter 2:2 says we are to pray for kings and all in authority that we may live quiet lives. I suppose we don’t often pray for these important office bearers because it is hardly stimulating, and we seldom see them following God’s word and ways. But if we truly believe that prayer changes things then we must trust and believe God to change their hearts and minds.

I can hardly remember a time when so many ungodly, unbiblical motions are being debated for new laws in N.Z. We need to pray for the preservation of life, both of the unborn child and frail elderly. We need to pray against the legalisation of mind-bending drugs and the relentless move away from traditional values on marriage and sexuality.

Will you join me in a concerted effort to call on God to bring about change for the good and to stop the spread of compromise and liberalisation. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

The best three words about prayer are pray, pray, pray.

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