From Ben – 8 November 2020

Last Wednesday night I attended a very sad church service. It was the final congregational meeting to be held in the church as the members of the congregation agreed to close the church down and cease worship on the site after 95 years. It was very sad to hear the stories of many who had attended over the years and see the slide show of the highlights of the years gone by. As I came away with a heavy heart, I asked myself, “Could it happen to us at G.P.C.?

I reminded myself that G.P.C. is not our church but it is the Lord’s and He has promised in Matt 16:18 “I will build by church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” What must we do at G.P.C. to keep the church alive and thriving?

As I reflected on this all important question the passage from Acts 2:41-47 came to mind. There were 5 essential elements that caused the 1st C church to thrive and these remain essential today

· The preaching of Christ at the only means of salvation through His work on the cross and resurrection

· A devotion to the whole sweep of biblical truth

· A warm, friendly, caring Christian community that is hospitable and gracious

· A dignified and consistent observation of the Lords’ supper and baptism

· The centrality of dependent prayer, looking to God for His spiritual intervention.

I firmly believe the local church is the hope of the world. I believe that G.P.C. has a vital role to play for the kingdom of God on our busy corner. Let us work together to be God’s redeemed community in our location and be salt and light, making an impact for His name. We pray for God’s blessing on G.P.C. and an outpouring of His Spirit for the years to come or until He returns.

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