From Ben – 14 October 2018

This past month the ASB showground hosted a huge discount sale for the store Noel Leeming. I noted that the traffic was very heavy with the road log jammed with cars. As I looked at the confusion I thought to myself, “What are these 1000s of people after? Will the next electronic device or bargain they are flocking to get really satisfy them?”

Friends, we have to guard against materialism. Materialism is the opposite of contentment. God wants us to be content with what we have. Materialism tells us that more and bigger will make us happy. But God’s word says that wealth is deceitful and will never satisfy. God’s word clearly warns us that life is not in the abundance of the things we possess, but rather we must be content and seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Solomon is a good reminder of a man who had it all. There was nothing he did not have that his eye had seen and yet he concluded that it was all empty. To quote his own words, “a chasing after the wind…”

I find my own heart so easily influenced by the barrage of modern media and relentless advertising. In unguarded moments I find a desire for more things, but then I remind myself that as a Christian, God wants me to hold the things of this life with a loose grip and rather long for more of Him, putting Him first as my greatest ambition.

Are you succumbing to the false promises of materialism?

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