From Ben – 18 November 2018

One of my favourite Christian leaders is an American leader of a huge church, named Bill Hybels. He is an engaging and dynamic public speaker who concentrates on motivating church leaders to do better and plan bigger. A mantra he often repeats to church leaders is “there is nothing on earth like the local church when it is working properly”. The local church is indeed a wonderful, caring, nurturing, serving Christian family.

I have personally seen this over this last month as I have been laid aside with a medical condition. People have shown love, support, interest and a willingness to help where they can. Normally a minister does the caring and nurture of his congregation, but I have come to feel and see your care and support for me for which I am thankful and feel so blessed to receive your love and care. Bill Hybels is right, there is nothing like the local church when it works properly.

Jesus said that you will know His disciples by their love for each other. Well that love has been very evident.  Thank you.

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