From Ben – 4 April 2021

Missing Easter!

You may remember that last year we missed Easter altogether. If you remember, we were in the middle of a Covid-19 lockdown.

For me it was a very strange experience because it was the first time in more than 40 years that I had not been in church with God’s people to celebrate the greatest single event in human history, the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of the Son of God.

As I considered missing Easter 2020, I thought of those who missed the very first Easter. The Pharisees were so busy protecting their religious system that they missed Easter. The crowd were so busy making money and pursuing life that they too missed Easter. Pilate was so busy protecting his political career and securing his income that he too missed Easter.

Sadly, many in our country will go away or stay home and not be giving a thought to what this special season is all about. Let us not miss the opportunity to meet with God’s people and celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection.

I want to suggest that we take it a step further than just attending church. Let us find time to be alone with the Lord in prayerful reflection and personal devotion. Let us ask Him to show Himself afresh to us and draw near to us as He did to the 2 disciples on the Emmaus road, causing their hearts to be strangely warmed with His divine presence.

It is my prayer for you and your family that this Easer 2021 will be deeply enriching as you take time to draw near to the risen Christ.

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