From Ben – 20 May 2018

This Sunday is a very important Sunday, recognised in churches around the world as Pentecost Sunday. This Sunday marks 50 days after the ascension of our Lord into heaven as He promised. It also marks the coming into the world of the Holy Spirit in a newer, fuller, and richer way than ever before. This is the birth of the N.T. church as we know it today. That first coming of the Holy Spirit upon the church was full of drama as Acts 2 tells us. There was the sound of a strong blowing wind, flames of fire appeared and those present spoke in previously unknown languages (tongues) proclaiming the gospel of God’s grace to people of different nations, so that all present could understand God’s salvation plan.

The 21st church is still functioning in this period of the Holy Spirit’s power. He is the one who draws us to faith and then gives our hearts assurance that we belong to God. He also develops gifts in our lives so that we can serve God effectively and witness despite opposition and difficulty.

As Jesus was daily with His disciples over that 3-year period, so too the Holy Spirit is with ever Christian daily, helping, guiding, and empowering.

On this Pentecost Sunday let us take a moment to pause and ask the Holy Spirit to take more and fuller control of our lives, that we too may know more supernatural power and effectiveness in our Christian adventure.

Eph 5:18 Be filled with the Spirit

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