From Ben – 9 February

This past Thursday our whole country enjoyed a day of rest and reflection. The big occasion that was attended by our politicians and senior leaders was the Waitangi Day gathering at the Bay of Islands. This was not the only celebration; every big city and many of the maraes around the country, marked this historic day where 180 years ago, a treaty between the Crown and the Maori was signed.

The purpose of the treaty was to ensure that the Maori weren’t disadvantaged with relation to the land that was being occupied by new settlers from Europe. Sadly, over the years the treaty and covenant has been compromised and broken, to the detriment of the Maori. It is good to see that strides are being taken to rectify the breaking of the treaty.

As I reflect on this, I am reminded that God has made a peace treaty with those who trust Christ. It is a one-sided treaty, where God seems to do so much, and we benefit more than we deserve. This peace treaty signed by God and secured by Jesus’ death on the cross, cannot be broken because God does not go back on His word or change His mind. He has made an everlasting covenant with us through faith in Christ.

There is also land involved in this treaty, the new heaven and new earth.

Let us use this day and every Sunday to remember God’s ultimate peace treaty in Christ, that gives us forgiveness and the hope of heaven.

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