From Ben – 25 November 2018

As you may well have seen by the big posters we have erected outside our church on Great South Road and Greenlane Road, that we are once again drawing the attention of the public to the campaign, “Love is not violent” It is our concern at GPC to do all we can to highlight the growing problem of violence in the home. The home is meant to be a sanctuary of love, safety and security. Sadly, for many in our nation, that has not been the case for many years.

It is a sad reality that the police attended to 118 000 family violence incidents last year, which averages out at 1 incident every 4 minutes of every day. Some of the violence is sexually orientated, with 1 in 3 women experiencing abuse in their lifetime in NZ. This figure is even more shocking when you think that 76% of family violence is never reported.

The only answer I can see is the grace and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that will bring heart change to the homes of our nation. This Sunday, as we take time to pray for those caught up in the web of family violence, may I encourage you to pray for our nation and do all you can to promote love, harmony and safety in your home. Christ is honoured by living a godly life in the home, serving and treating each other with grace and dignity.

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