From Ben – 28 March 2021

This Sunday is marked out in the church calendar as Palm Sunday. It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday, and it starts Holy Week. Over the next 7 days we will remember the greatest single event in all of human history, the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay the redeeming price for our sin.

Jesus chose to enter Jerusalem at the Passover celebration. Throngs of worshippers would have been crowded into the city over that time, swelling the population to exceed 1 million. Unlike so much of Jesus’ life and ministry, where He chose to minister to small groups of people and sometimes lonely individuals, on this occasion He presented Himself to the nation in the most public way possible.

Some may miss the significance of the way He entered the city. By riding the foal of a donkey He was proclaiming His kingship. Traditionally kings, who came in peace, rode donkeys. What is more, the symbolism of the crowds singing His praises, casting down their cloaks and waving palm branches in the streets, all symbolise the welcoming of a king.

It is quite ironic that Pilate, who agreed to have Jesus unjustly crucified, put a plaque above His head calling Him, “The King of the Jews”. Those same crowds who received Him as King, a week later rejected Him outright, claiming they had no king but Caesar.

This holy week let us worship, receive, honour Him as our Lord and King. Let us submit to His rule in our lives and give Him His rightful place as our royal Lord and Master.

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