From Ben – 29 October 2017

No doubt you have seen the influence of Halloween in the shops with horror masks, spider webs and ghost–like images. You will also possibly be inundated on Tuesday night with groups of children dressed up in all sorts of costumes asking for lollies.

Where did all this come from and why is this tradition gaining ground in N.Z,?
Actually the origin of Halloween is not rooted in some horror story, but rather it has a good and godly history that has been hijacked by a secular society in the USA and exported all around the world.

Halloween comes from a Christian tradition of remembering the heroes and role models of the past, godly men and women who have died and left a legacy of a life well lived. The word originally was All Hallow Eve.
We at GPC want to recapture the brighter side of this worthy tradition and steer our children away from the macabre darker side that has hijacked this Christian tradition.

If you are able to come and support our Light party celebrating All Saints Eve, we would encourage you to do so. Bring your children or grandchildren and invite your neighbours’ children. Let’s recapture this occasion for our Lord who gives life beyond the grave and is the Light of the world.

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