From Ben – 25 April 2021

This weekend we once again remember with lasting gratitude, those men and women of the past who so bravely gave their lives in the great wars to defend the freedoms we enjoy today. They went to war against a formidable enemy who was well equipped and was set on world domination. It is only their willingness to lay down everything for others that has given us the freedoms and liberties we so enjoy in the 21st C.

As I reflect on their conflict I am reminded from scripture that we are still in a conflict today and facing a formidable enemy. Our conflict is not a physical conflict, but a spiritual one. We face a powerful enemy who is opposed to everything godly and biblical. He seeks our defeat and to dominate us.

Note Eph 6:12 and 1 Peter 5:8.

Do keep in mind that we are no match to him, as he has far more resources than we have, and unaided we will crumble before him. But the good news is that by trusting Christ and daily looking to Him, He strengthens us and gives us the victory. As in any warfare we need to be vigilant and aware of his desire to draw us away from serving and honouring the Lord. As in a war, it is not won by one battle but by many smaller skirmishes. So too, we defeat Satan and his attacks daily as we trust Christ and resolve to not give ground spiritually, making godly decisions day by day.

In Christ and through trust in Him, we are more than conquerors through Him who has loved us.

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