From Ben – 15 March 2015

A minister friend of mine introduced me to a new series of DVD’s that have just been released, called “Towards belief”. It is a 10 part study on the belief blockers that so many people find so hard to deal with in the Christian life, ie. Suffering, religious violence, homosexuality, God and science, etc. I have been viewing some of this excellent material.

One of the sessions deals with the supernatural. It was well presented, showing Christianity to be intrinsically rooted in supernatural events, that can’t be logically explained. After viewing this session I asked God to show me something miraculous or supernatural before the end of the day.

As I walked home I looked out for something special around every corner. I did not see anything, but when I walked into the house I saw my grandson, full of life and vitality. I heard God say, “Look, here is the work of my hands.” As I went for a brisk walk around Cornwall Park I saw the trees, the grass, the flowers, the birds and the animals and I felt God saying, “Look around you, it is all so miraculous, so beautiful, so God-made!”

We may see these things each day and take them for granted, but we need to ask who made them? Who sustains them? Who provides life for them? Why do they have life? God is the God of wonders, showing us his supernatural works every day.

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