From Ben – 18 April 2021

We are privileged in G.P.C. to be part of a church that is multi-generational. Each one of us has a spiritual duty to grow up in all of God’s ways and come to maturity in our own spiritual lives. We also have a spiritual obligation to guide all the children under our influence to embrace God’s truth in Christ.

As parents and grandparents we are called by God to train, nurture, instruct and guide our children in God’s ways. This is a journey and will take many years of carful, appropriate and thoughtful guiding in God’s ways. I am convinced that the earlier we start this important journey the better.

Don’t for a moment think that you are being kind and respectful to let them make up their own minds. That is a flawed and dangerous strategy. Your child is not growing up in a culture that is neutral or balanced and fair as far as spiritual values are concerned. The media and school curriculum is biased and devoid of Christian values.

21st C society has turned its back on God and Christian values, morality and ethics. Children are taught to believe in evolution, multi-faith, and liberal morality. To leave a child to make up his or her own mind is to relinquish the child to a secular, liberal world view. The best investment you can make as a parent is to deliberately, carefully and systematically, lay down a Christian world view for your child, and hold them up in prayer.

I wished I could promise you that if you do this, you are guaranteed to have a Christian child who will follow Christ all his or her life, but what is certain is that there is a very strong possibility of that happening.

At the end of the day, salvation belongs to the Lord.

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