From Ben – 3 November

This Sunday we will be holding our AGM after the morning service. By now I trust you have had the opportunity to read our church reports and look over the highlights for this past year.

As you read you will see once again God’s goodness, provision and grace to us as a church. There is much to be encouraged about. As I reflected on GPC, it struck me once again that it is a victory to have our church continue to grow, though slowly, in these days. N.Z. is fast becoming a secular nation with the last census showing that there are now more people in NZ who claim to have no religion than people who claim to have a faith of some kind.

However, in this society, which is rapidly diminishing spiritual, we at GPC continue to be a presence for God and His grace and gospel. We have our work cut out for us as times will only get harder and people will increasingly drift from their spiritual roots. But this is just what the bible said would happen 1 Tim 4:1. The Spirit says that in the latter times some will abandon the faith.

Let us resolve to be stronger than ever, to be loyal, faithful and true to the Lord. We must confront the fact that we may be in the minority, but in Christ we are more than conquerors and the church is the hope of the world.

Let us make this next year even better than the last to our Lord’s glory.

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