From Ben – 27 August 2017

It is quite evident in the media and all over our communities that an election is about to take place. As Sue and I travelled down to Raetihi we saw election hoardings on remote and isolated roads as well. We are all obliged to vote. But who do we vote for? What party is the right one and who has the best policies?

Well, thankfully, it is not my place to tell you which party is the best one. It is my duty to point out that the bible says that as Christians we need to participate in choosing candidates that best uphold Christian values and are just and fair. We need to support policies that promote Christian values and are considerate of the poor, disadvantaged and the sick. We should prayerfully analyse the various policies and seek to elect those who would advance the country in the best possible way, showing compassion and taking care in a meaningful way of the environment. Now it is blatantly evident that not one party can keep all these issues perfectly in balance. We have a responsibility to pray, analyse, and then vote with a Christian conscience, supporting the candidate and party that embraces as many of these values as possible. Voting is our democratic privilege and our Christian responsibility. It is also our duty to pray for our country and our leaders, especially at this time when they are under a lot of stress.

Not to vote is not an option for the concerned Christian. Let us pray and vote responsibly and trust God for the results.

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