From Ben – 14 March 2021

Today is a very significant and memorable day for some members of our church family, as after the morning service they will be baptised after making a public declaration of their loyalty and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We firmly believe that the obedience of baptism is very important in the Christian life. As a church family we want to congratulate these people for today’s declaration of faith. Jesus only gave 2 sacraments to the church, communion and baptism.

It is clear from reading the N.T. that whole families were baptised, which would have included adults and children in the household. In the Presbyterian church we practice both adult and infant baptism. The children of believing parents are included in the covenant promises of God, but it is important however that when those children become adults that they take responsibility for their own Christian testimony and walk with God. This can be done by being confirmed or by public testimony or by adult baptism.

Baptism in water is an outward declaration to the community of an inward heart’s commitment to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Baptism does not save a person but rather is an outward, visible and public declaration that a person has entered into a life’s commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour.

I strongly encourage you to join with us after the morning service and tea to witness this act of baptism.

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