From Ben – 23 June 2019

It was many years ago that I ran a series of Bible based parenting courses, which encouraged parents to instil godly values into their children. One of the principles from the course was to teach our families “the preciousness of others”. The idea was to consider the value and dignity of others, not only your marriage partner, but others in your family and indeed others around you.

I think that simple principle is a very important value for the whole Christian life as you let it take root and blossom in your day to day life. If you remind yourself that others around you need to be helped, loved, affirmed, listened to and respected, it will lead you to serving them with a new sense of compassion and concern. Remind yourself that they are precious to God.

This principle has profoundly practical outcomes. It may mean that you will do a task at home that is not so nice, just to save others from having to do it. It may mean you would pick up trash in the park on your way to work so others don’t have to be troubled by it. It may mean you avoid taking the best seat or parking so that others may have it. It may mean that you pause to take time to listen to someone in need. It is truly Christian to so think of the preciousness of others that you do everything you can to bless them in a way that is to Christ to others.

Live with the mantra “Others are precious”

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