From Ben – 5 July 2020

As we start to get life back to normal and pick up what we used to do before we were stopped in our tracks by the Covid-19 lock down, one of the things that other ministers have pointed out and that I have noted, is that some people have been slow to return to church. It has been a lot easier to stay home in the warmth and comfort of your own home than to come out to church. On the one hand the online services were really good to facilitate worship in lock down, but they are no substitute for corporate church worship. God’s word clearly says in Hebrews 10:25 that we are not to give up meeting together. Sunday is our day of worship as a church family and as a church community. Thank God that we have the privilege of gathering without hinderance for praise and worship.

This new beginning is a good opportunity for us to rethink the way we set our priorities on a Sunday. Let us keep in mind that it is firstly the Lord’s day, and God, His work and His people, must have first priority. There are a lot of institutions and organisations that are increasingly challenging how we use our time on Sunday. God knows what is best and we need to put Him and His people first. Human nature just loves to fill in time with activities that fit out agenda. But God wants us to stop, reflect, worship, and draw near to Him that we may be truly balanced people, people who live with God’s agenda and heaven in sight. The worst decision we can make is to cut away our time with God, whether it be our morning devotion or Sunday worship.

May I encourage you to reassess and start your planning by putting in time with God and then fitting in all the rest. Worship must be our priority.

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