From Ben – 5 November 2017

After the morning worship service today, we will be holding our A.G.M. Now I know that some of you will roll your eyes and say “boring, I’m not attending thanks for nothing” but hold on a moment. The AGM is a time to reflect on our church and what God has been doing by His spirit in our church and its various forms of outreach. Just one look at our 2016/2017 Annual reports will show you that there has been an army of volunteers giving their time and energy to the many facets and departments of our church.

By God’s grace ours is a church where all ages meet and worship. We are a multi-cultural church and in many ways a dynamic, vibrant, growing community. I firmly believe it is a privilege to be part of this community and we ought to support it enthusiastically and celebrate its life. Please plan to stay for the AGM. We value your attendance and comments.

As part of the meeting this year we will be electing a new elder to join our team of men and women elders who serve so faithfully. Let us never forget Jesus calls the church His bride. He loves the local church. It is His gift to the world. He died for His church and promises to return again to gather us all to be with Him in the Father’s house.

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